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Welcome to my website and what will be my first ever blog!

This is all very new and what I hope to be the start of something exciting and a way to explore ideas and inspirations. I also hope that over time, I will be able to track progress and see how many work changes & improves, creating an online working diary to share.

Growing up, I loved all manner of Arts & Crafts however my real passion for Art came during secondary school. The combination of learning about artists and their work in a classroom environment of ever changing artwork by sixth form students, inspired me immensely and filled my mind with endless possibilities and creativity.

My passion for Art continued all through school and college. As I entered the working world, I continued drawing, painting and printing during evenings & weekends forever dreaming of being an artist.

I have always been shy and nervous about showing my work to people however after I started showing a few friends, I was rewarded with praise and encouragement from others to try and start selling some of my artwork.

I recently exhibited a selection of Giclee prints at a local gallery of which I am so proud to have sold a few pieces. The feeling was truly indescribable that members of the public had bought my work and it was even better to receive messages with photographs of the artwork hanging in their home.

I am now in the process of building an online presence through social media and now a website. Alongside this, I am creating a larger portfolio of work of which I currently have two pieces on the go; a Jaguar oil painting and a Tiger oil painting that I have been commissioned for.

After these, I am planning to delve into and explore landscapes following recent holidays that reiterated my passion for nature and how beautiful it really is. I hope to explore this subject through drawing, painting and printing.

I am very excited (albeit a little nervous!) to start this journey to see where it takes both me and my artwork however I am always open to feedback and questions so please feel free to ask away!

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