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  • Rebecca Wakeling

Social Media- Vulnerability of online exposure

Irrefutably, the world of social media has had a huge impact on so many individuals and businesses and the art world is no exception.

It is the most incredible tool to enable artists to display their work, creative processes and also inspiration for others to enjoy.

However, we also all know the negative side that can come from 'trolls' who love nothing more to destroy someones confidence and self esteem from the very comfort of their own home with no risk of ever meeting them face to face.

Having been bullied and put down by peers in the past which still has an impact to this day, the thought of putting myself and artwork 'out there' to the world is frankly a very daunting prospect.

Even to the extent that I find myself cringing inside when my close friends ask me how things are going, I think is a real indicator of the lack of confidence I have with my artwork.

Having said the above, I have recently been commissioned (again!!!) for a pet portrait and I still cannot process how exciting it is and I do feel proud that people would like one of my paintings in their home.

The key to a successful social media page is reported to be based on posting relevant material on a regular basis. Which doesn't see too bigger ask right?

For me, this is the total opposite and not only does this mean having regular material to post, which I don't due to the painstakingly slow speed that my work progresses combined with working a full time job, a house to run and a bouncing labrador to contend with but it also means putting what you love doing out in the wide world for all to see, regularly.

The excitement when people you have no connection to praise your work is such a boost and drives me to continue however the pressure of posting and the vulnerability it poses is a scary and daunting thought.

So all in all, I'm not sure if this is an explanation of why I do not post online regularly or if it is a further procrastination. However, for the amazing people who do follow & support me, I would like to thank you for making the risk of exposure and openness to the word a little less scary.

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